Mobile Applications. Why you need them.

This is the smart phone generation. More than half of the world’s population has access to smart phones and spends more than 2 hours a day on their phones. The smart phone has become the answer to many solutions. Almost all types of businesses are benifiting from mobile apps. Now, instead of going to a website and finishing up the tiresome process of filling up details etc. people prefer to download an app and just get going. There are many ways in which a mobile app can improve a business:

  • Making Your Brand Visible

Psychology has proved that our minds tend to recall images and information captured sub consciously, the app improves brand visibility. A lot of people love to discuss new applications and how they are using it among friends and this leads to more people downloading the app and adding up the number of potential customers. We hardly forget a logo or a company’s name that is there on our phone’s screen. Now a days, even telecom companies are making people use their app for the ease and for saving time. It will not only make the brand popular but will also create a good image of it in the market. A lot of people prefer using a company that has a mobile app over a company that does not.

  • Customer Engagement

Customers feel connected to a brand if they can interact with it. The other day my friend wrote a feedback for services offered by a company on their mobile app. Within a few hours she got a response. She mentioned this to me and said that she was quite impressed with it and would like to visit them again. I am sure if it would have been a website she would not have taken the time to login and write a feedback. Apps make it easy for customers to provide feedback, ask queries and place appointments or orders. It makes them feel connected to the company and enables a company to get connected to their customers directly.

  • Take a Lead Over Your Competition

Having a good mobile app can definitely give you an edge over your competition, provided your app is well updated, user friendly and has all the features offered by your company. How about having a reward program in your app? It will not only result into more downloads of the app but will also result in large number of customers. Today’s consumer is smart. They like to compare the options and then choose the best one depending upon their preference, that can be anything from price, quality, easy accessibility etc. A mobile app makes it easy for your consumers to compare and choose. From shopping to traveling people rely on mobile apps everywhere.

Silstone group focuses on understanding the requirements of your business and creating an app that not only covers all the features of your company but also is user friendly for your consumers.


-Monika Rajwani

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