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We focus on healthcare companies only. We live, breathe and innovate healthcare. We build technology that impacts health systems, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, insurance companies, physician groups and startups.

Every project has a doctor and technical innovator to ensure you get more than you asked for.

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We are a healthcare software development company backed by highly experienced doctors working alongside the best technology experts in the industry.

We focus on building technology that impacts health systems, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, insurance companies, physician groups and startups.

Every project has a doctor and technical innovator to ensure you get more than you asked for.

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Transformation Services and Solutions for Healthcare.

We are a full-service software development consultancy firm with domain expertise in population health and value-based care.

“We work with healthcare companies to build software products with high clinical impact and value.”

and build software applications that integrate well into their existing workflows utilizing various data sources.

Mobile and Web Application Healthcare Data Aggregation and PHI

We specialize in helping our clients Collect, Archive and Protect valuable patient data. through various sources including sensors, mobile apps and wearables.

Mobile and Web Apps for healthcare
EMR Integrated mobile and web apps

EMR Integrated Web and Mobile Applications

We specialize in integrating with existing EMR’s for a seamless experience, while leveraging Web and Mobile technology to display important data in the palm of your hand.

HIPAA Compliant Web and Mobile solutions

HIPAA Compliance is a major concern when dealing with individual health and personal data. We specialize in implementing all the security and privacy measures as well as certification requirements.

Hipaa compliant web and mobile apps
Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring

We have lots of experience developing solutions that leverage IoT and Web and Mobile technology to help Hospitals and Clinics monitor patients post discharge.

IoMT Device and Sensor integration

We work with all types of proprietary sensors and devices using all types of connection protocols, BLE, RFID etc. and building solutions to archive, process and display data.

Iomt device and sensor integration
Population Health Management Solutions

Population Health Management Solutions

We have developed several solutions designed to simplify and streamline population health management including integration with existing systems.

Medical NLP

Physician tested Natural Language Processing models for all types of clinical data extraction from doctor’s progress notes and documents.

Medical NLP
Telehealth solutions

Telehealth solutions based on Web and Mobile platforms

Leveraging the power of Web and Mobile to bring healthcare to everyone on the planet using the latest video streaming and communication technology.


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Cloud Architecture

We specialize in architecting healthcare solutions for the cloud to leverage advantages such as low initial cost for deployment and rapid iteration.
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Web Applications

Custom designed solutions using MEAN/MERN, HTML/CSS/JS, and several other web technologies to give our clients a competitive edge.
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Mobile and Hybrid Applications

Mobile support is important if you want to bring your solution to the masses. We work with Native iOS, Native Android, React Native and Flutter.
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Big Data Solutions

We have lots of experience warehousing, processing and displaying analytics on several petabytes of data generated by out clients every year.

AI, NLP and Image Processing

Fully custom, use case specific, neural network architectures and machine learning strategies to create useful models and algorithms designed to work with your custom data.

MVP and Rapid Prototyping

Looking to develop an MVP to test out your idea? We offer rapid prototyping solutions to develop and iterate on MVP’s to get them ready for market quickly and efficiently.

Resource Allocation

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Risk Sharing Model

We love startups and offer a unique risk sharing model that allows us to absorb some of the risk associated with developing a new product.


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