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Helping healthcare companies build digital health products with clinical impact

We accelerate medtech innovation

Accelerate Product Development

From MVP to Scaled Product.

We are a healthcare software development group that actively pursues companies with a strict formula for success.
We can help you scale and accelerate your startup with a two-prong approach:


Engineering resources

We invest our engineering resources to help augment your teams at a heavily discounted rate.

Physician expert network

We pair a physician on your team to ensure you are building and scaling the right features your customers want. Our network of physicians are directors and leaders across the market with specific expertise in your niche field.

Enterprise Solutions

Solving for data driven application, visualization, and interoperability

We are a full service software development firm with domain expertise in population health and value-based care. We work with healthcare companies of all stages to build software products with high clinical impact.

Our enterprise solutions include

Natural language processing

EMR interoperability

ML and predictive modelling

Data driven full stack development

Building Remote Teams

Helping you build a global product development team

Hiring remote engineering teams is a great strategy if implemented properly.

Remote teams can easily:

Our Services

We specialize in building healthcare technology that has clinical impact

Product strategy
& Technology Architecture

Healthcare Focussed
Software Development

Application Infrastructure

Team Augmentation

Machine Learning
& Clinical Natural Language Processing

ACO Consulting


The latest in Healthcare Technology

  • Wearable Helmet for Non-Invasive Optical Brain ImagingWearable Helmet for Non-Invasive Optical Brain Imaging
    Kernel, a medtech company based in California, has developed the Kernel Flow, a wearable helmet that can perform time domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy (TD-fNIRS) imaging of the brain. The system has a smaller footprint, is less expensive and less complex than benchtop TD-fNIRS systems, but has demonstrated similar imaging performance. The imaging modality measures changes […] Read more »
  • Nanotherapy for Immunosuppression May Lead to Diabetes TreatmentNanotherapy for Immunosuppression May Lead to Diabetes Treatment
    Researchers at Northwestern University developed a nanoparticle delivery system for a common immunosuppressant drug that increases the potential of pancreatic islet transplantation as a viable long-term treatment for Type I diabetes. The technology targets the drug to act on the antigen presenting cells of the immune system, rather than T cells. This results in a […] Read more »
  • Automatic Blood Smear Preparation for Reliable Malaria DiagnosisAutomatic Blood Smear Preparation for Reliable Malaria Diagnosis
    Researchers at Cambridge and Bath universities in the UK, along with colleagues at the Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania, have created two devices, called autohaem, that assist in creating blood smears, a common technique for diagnosing malaria. A blood smear involves manually smudging a drop of blood across a microscope slide to allow observation of […] Read more »
  • Maestro Laparoscopy Assistance Platform: Interview with Anne Osdoit, CEO of Moon SurgicalMaestro Laparoscopy Assistance Platform: Interview with Anne Osdoit, CEO of Moon Surgical
    Moon Surgical (formerly MastOR), is a medtech startup based in France. The company has developed the Maestro laparoscopy assistance platform, a two-armed robotic surgical assistant that can hold and manipulate standard laparoscopic instruments. The device is intended to be used at the bedside and provides the surgeon with greater flexibility and control, without the complexity […] Read more »