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Unique Risk Sharing Model

At Silstone Health, we understand the challenges faced by healthcare startups and offer a unique risk sharing model to help them overcome these obstacles. Our model involves reducing our rates by 50% in exchange for future contracts or revenue, without taking any equity. This offers a significant cost savings for startups and allows them to invest more in product development. Our risk sharing model is only offered to select companies and is a testament to our commitment to supporting the growth and success of the healthcare industry.


Silstone Health is a healthcare software development company that is focused on improving patient outcomes through innovative technology and clinical expertise. Our commitment to quality, experienced team, and selective approach make us a trusted partner for success in the healthcare industry.

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    In the early stages of Intuitive RN, we thought we could design and code our products by ourselves. After creating a prototype and testing it, it was clear we needed a professional team with the expertise and experience to help us reimagine our apps and take us to the next level. That is when we found Silstone Health and they were the perfect fit! As a team of nurses developing technology for nurses, we needed our software development partner to understand the world of inpatient care. Silstone's diverse background in developing healthcare technology for all types of healthcare professionals made the onboarding process of our project very seamless. They understood what we were trying to accomplish and they were able to devise an actionable plan. There was an instantaneous comfort level with their team and we trusted they could guide us through all of the development steps and insure we didn't make any missteps. Their communication was always timely and they were flexible to meet with us when we were available. As our company continues to grow, we will remain with Silstone Health. We truly believe we have found our long-term software development partner!
    Intuitive RN

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We partner with smart people working on solving interesting problems. We interviewed a handful of our clients about their work.


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