Case Study Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital

Automating surgeon training and evaluation with a custom-built iPad solution.

Evaluating the performance of doctors and surgeons is a huge undertaking, and the smallest errors can be hugely costly in both human and financial terms. At The Ottawa Hospital, video of each and every procedure is captured and sent along to specialists for review. The hospital needed a solution that would streamline this recording and distribution process, while allowing these assigned specialists to easily highlight mistakes and score the surgeons based on performance.

Silstone Group’s novel iPad tool completely automated the facility’s training and evaluation methods, adding powerful analytics and instantaneous reporting that deepened the hospital’s oversight.



Silstone’s iPad-based application allows surgery videos to be automatically assigned to the appropriate evaluator. Evaluators are now equipped with tools to point out mistakes in the video itself. These include a telestrator-style function which enables them to sketch directly on the screen, plus audio, video and text commentary. It also provides fields for grading the performance of trainees. The app is backed by a web-based portal that helps hospital admin to maintain user profiles and evaluation records for quick access and report generation.


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