The Importance of End User Experience in Software Development

In every area of business, the end user is given most importance. That is because it is the end user who decides whether a product/service is useful or not. The popularity or success of any application, software or website totally depends on the end user. For this reason user interface and usability is of paramount importance. A good design should be convenient to use, easy to understand and intuitive. Developing a good design that allows its users to navigate through complex software intuitively has to be planned meticulously and is a rare skill seperate from designing, often done in partnership with psycologists and behaviorists. For Example, we have a lot of holiday planning websites and applications in the market, but I’m sure everyone has favourites, more often that not based on their design and usability. This factor greatly impacts the popularity of the site.

In the smartphone age, nobody has time for learning curves, tutorials and step by step instructions. Everyone expects good intuitive design. These are a few points that should be considered for developing a good user interface:

  • Avoid Duplicate Functionality
  • Understand your demographic
  • Keep it short, simple, clear and obvious
  • Images and visuals should augment the user flow
  • Colour, contrast and filters should be used to direct attention
  • Micro Experiences
  • Consider the user feedback

Silstone group understands these requirements and develops the applications/software and websites that can help you connect with your users directly.

-Monika Rajwani

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