The Future of Software, Design and Everything.

Machine learning is completely changing how software is made, and with the recent data boom caused by Smartphones and Social Media, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up with regards to what can be achieved using software.

Creating and using technology is an intrinsic part of our survival strategy as a species and Design and Engineering are the tools we use to problem solve our way through existence on our hostile and turbulent planet.

I have always approached Design from a very functional and practical point of view. If all the functioning and efficiency is taken care of with great attention to detail, usually, an unexpected but beautiful and appropriate design automatically emerges, which is usually more beautiful than anything that can be just made up by us mere mortals.

Airbnb recently showcased an AI built using Machine Learning that can instantly interpret rough sketches into workable prototypes for UI/UX Design. From what I have seen online it looks amazing and gives us a very small glimpse into what is coming.


I see a future in which software writes itself. The building blocks for truly General Purpose AI are falling into place and we at Silstone Group want to help you be part of the revolution.


-Triman S Bhullar


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