Technology Disruption! Change, or be obsolete.

The only constant is change. Today, this statement has never been more true. Till recently if someone told you that they have 10 years experience in a field, it meant that they were experts in that field, but now, it simply means that they are “EXPERTS OF THE PAST”.

It took Facebook four years to get 1 Million users, the same took What’s App four weeks and the same took Angry Birds four days. This exponential increase in the rate of change in our world has been catalyzed by Web and Mobile Technologies.

Uber is considered to be the biggest Taxi Service in the world, yet they don’t own a single car. Airbnb is considered to be the biggest Tourism Service, yet they do not own a single property. Both these companies have small teams, yet they have completely taken over the market share of businesses that have held monopolies in these industries for decades.

Established businesses need to take technology disruption very seriously, or risk becoming obsolete. There will be 4 Billion Mobile devices in the world by 2020, which means that there are 4 Billion potential customers that can be reached directly, through web and mobile based apps and services. We need to seriously consider how to integrate this fast growing and disruptive technology into our established business to our advantage before someone else does.

To Quote Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos when he was asked what he thought about competition from the industry giants, he said ” I’m more worried about the two guys sitting in their parents garage”.

Silstone Group is working tirelessly to help protect currently successful businesses from becoming obsolete in the future. We offer complete solutions implementing Web, Mobile technologies and AI to ensure our clients stay relevant and competitive in today’s ever changing environment.


-Triman S Bhullar

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