SAP, The future of Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning is not a new concept. It has been streamlining business, retail and manufacturing since the nineties. It allows for a streamlined information link between Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, requisitions and accounting. The German company SAP is taking this concept to another level and the technology promises to revolutionize how resources are managed within an enterprise. It all revolves around a central database that allows information sharing between the different departments. As the situation changes for a particular department within an enterprise, the information is updated on the central server in real time, each other department then gets the real time updates and can adapt to the changing situation without wasting time and resources.  This approach greatly speeds up and streamlines processes and prevents wasted resources. This system is being adopted widely on a multinational scale by manufacturers and retailers and is helping in maximizing profits.

Silstone Group inc. is on the forefront of helping businesses adopt these cutting edge practices that take full advantage of the technology of the time to maximize productivity and ultimately increase profits.


-Triman S Bhullar

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