Remote Patient Monitoring

We offer expertise in building web and mobile software as a service (Saas) products like remote patient monitoring. We have been a strategic partner to growing startups in the healthcare domain.

We know healthcare, technology and data security. You understand and know your practice and your patients best. Together, we enable automated processes, efficient care flows and patient-centered care.

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We are a healthcare software development company backed by highly experienced doctors working alongside the best technology experts in the industry. We focus on building technology that impacts health systems, pharmaceuticals, medical device companies, insurance companies, physician groups and startups. Every project has a doctor and technical innovator to ensure you get more than you asked for.

Essential features of an Remote Patient Monitoring

Improved Access to Care:

Mobile Technology: Mobile health apps, available on iOS devices, empower patients to connect with healthcare providers through video calls, secure messaging, or access to their medical records. These apps are user-friendly and facilitate virtual consultations.

Cloud Services: Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud host these mobile apps, ensuring their availability and scalability. Cloud infrastructure enables seamless data exchange during telehealth visits, enhancing access for patients in remote areas or those with mobility issues.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Mobile Technology: Wearable devices, like the Apple Watch for iOS users, continuously monitor health metrics. These devices transmit data to mobile apps, which can alert patients and healthcare providers to deviations from normal values, enabling early intervention.

Cloud Services: Cloud-based platforms, such as AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub, and Google Cloud IoT Core, manage the data generated by wearables. They provide the infrastructure for securely storing and analyzing this data, contributing to cost reduction by avoiding hospitalizations and emergency visits.

Enhanced Quality of Care

Mobile Technology: Mobile health apps on iOS devices collect patient data and provide insights on chronic disease management, medication adherence, and preventive care. They enable personalized care plans and interventions.

Cloud Services:  Cloud-based machine learning services from AWS (Amazon SageMaker), Azure (Azure Machine Learning), and Google Cloud (Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine) help analyze patient data, identifying trends and predicting health issues, ultimately improving the quality of care.

Lowered Health Risks

Mobile Technology:iOS devices support telemedicine, allowing patients to receive care without exposure to infections and hazards in healthcare settings. Patients can access their healthcare teams via mobile apps while staying in the safety of their homes.

Cloud Services:Cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud prioritize data security and privacy. They ensure that patient data is protected and compliant with healthcare regulations, reducing health risks associated with data breaches or unauthorized access.

Increased Patient Engagement and Satisfaction

Mobile Technology:  iOS apps offer patient portals, allowing users to view their health records, communicate with healthcare providers, and access educational materials. These features engage patients in shared decision-making and care management.

Cloud Services:Cloud storage solutions, such as AWS S3, Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage, securely store patient health data and documents, ensuring that patients can access their information conveniently and confidently.

Standards and Compliance

Project Stories

We partner with smart people working on solving interesting problems. We interviewed a handful of our clients about their work.


In collaboration with Doctustech we developed custom algorithms to power a patient-management tool, leveraging the power of machine learning to improve upon traditional paper diagnosis charts with pattern recognition and real time suggestion. HCC Doc improves physician history recording and lab test reporting to optimize HCC coding and documentation. The client is a primary healthcare provider serving over 20,000 patients, operating in multiple geographical zones. We helped them in integration of EHR services.

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