Net Neutrality. Should you be worried?

The issue of Net Neutrality is again gaining significance, with the consequences affecting each and everyone of us.

Net Neutrality refers to the fact that the internet is a Neutral Place. Everyone from the housewife with a cooking blog to a multi-billion dollar company like Facebook, enjoy the same rights to traffic and bandwidth. Till now it has been a level playing field, that has created more successful businesses and more millionaires than ever before in history.

But this might be about to change.

On one hand, a regulated Internet man not seem like a bad idea considering the amount of cyber crime that has been plaguing the internet for a very long time. Criminal Cells rely on the anonymity to make transactions and conduct their business. Malware/Viruses and Ransomware are rampant and hacking and phishing are real problems that need to be addressed and dealt with.

On the other hand, taking away net neutrality laws will give incredible power to ISP’s and those willing to pay extra, potentially creating Destabilizing Monopolies and possibly bringing the golden age of Startups to a screeching halt.

Silstone Group, openly supports a free and open internet, but we also understand why such actions might be necessary. Whatever the outcome, this single rule change has the potential to completely change how the internet is used, and who might be allowed to use it.


Triman S Bhullar

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