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Most automobile manufacturers manage their regional dealerships via dealer associations, like the Ontario Honda Dealer Association (OHDA). Promotions are created at the HQ level and then pushed to each dealership but, until recently, it was prohibitively difficult for manufacturers to know whether these promotions were actually being applied. Recognizing the power of mobile apps to improve promotion adoption, as well as ROI monitoring, Honda turned to Silstone Group to engineer a solution.

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Silstone Group, in partnership with its design partner Soshal and OHDA’s agency of record DS&P, developed a custom mobile app to put their promotions directly in the hands of dealers and sales agents. The app allows Honda to monitor uptake and ROI by encouraging users to enrol in a loyalty program. Agents self-report their engagement, read promotional content and share content to twitter and Facebook to earn points that can be cashed in for prizes. Honda was able to understand happenings on the ground better than ever before thanks to the app.


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