Transform ideas

Into Healthcare


We leverage our technical and clinical expertise

to help healthcare companies build digital health products

with clinical impact.

What makes us different?

The Silstone Approach

Our approach to healthcare software development will help you scale and accelerate your startup.

Engineering resources1

Engineering resources

We invest our engineering resources to help augment your teams at a heavily discounted rate.

Physician expert network

We pair a physician on your team to ensure you are building and scaling the right features your customers want. Our network of physicians are directors and leaders across the market with specific expertise in your niche field.

Startup Program

We empower entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into innovative health solutions.

We are constantly on the lookout for innovative and interesting startups to callobarate with. We invest out Time and Technical know how to help startups take their business to the next level. We offer several plans with heavily discounted pricing as well as free mentorship sessions with our founders who have been in the business for more than 20 years.

Enterprise Solutions

Solving for data drive application, visualization, and interoperability

We are a full service software development firm with domain expertise in population health and value-based care. We work with healthcare companies of all stages to build software products with high clinical impact.

Building Remote Teams

Helping you build a global product development team

Hiring remote engineering teams is a great strategy if implemented properly.

Remote teams can easily:

Connecting Strategy and Technology


Natural language processing


EMR interoperability


ML and predictive modelling


Data driven full stack development

Our Services

We specialize in building healthcare technology that has clinical impact

Product strategy
& Technology Architecture

Healthcare Focussed
Software Development

Application Infrastructure

Team Augmentation

Machine Learning
& Clinical Natural Language Processing

ACO Consulting

Case Study

Population Health and emr interoperability startup

We have built out a pop health platform for a startup with the ability to read, write and digest real time data. for the value based care market that allows for an integration with an EMR for an enhanced workflow around Physician Coding. The solution also has a complex stack of tech ranging from Python, Java and MERN along with NLP and predictive AI modelling.

Case Study

Clinic and Hospitals

We built out a cloud based platform that will allow for improved surgical training. The platform enables trainers and trainees to interact and review progress via a tablet based application. The custom application allows faculty to critique and give feedback to residents on actual cases in real time. This increased their output and allowed improved training for residents.

Case study

Big Pharmaceuticals and remote device monitoring

We have worked with a large pharmaceutical company to build a platform that will allow for collecting real world data on a rare disease. The challenge in collecting real world data circles around how to make it intuitive for users to use the product on a daily basis and on how to manage the data in terms of security and HIPAA compliance. We were able to accomplish this by ensuring both the application and the infrastructure was set up to be secure and compliant.