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An all-inclusive patient-management tool for doctors.

Engaging clinicians for proper documentation and risk adjustment coding at the point of service has always been very challenging. Organizations typically focus on outpatient chronic codes due to the difficulty of obtaining inpatient progress notes. This leaves practices at significant risk for Medicare audits, and leaves millions of dollars in government payouts on the table.

HCC Doc came to the Silstone Group to create a complete end-to-end patient-management solution that would be able to keep with the busiest physicians.



Silstone Group worked closely with a team of doctors to adapt our technology to their day-to-day needs. We developed custom algorithms to power the resulting patient-management tool, HCC Doc, leveraging the power of machine learning to improve upon the traditional paper charts doctors have relied on for more than a century. HCC Doc improves physician history taking and lab test reporting to optimize HCC coding and documentation. HCC Doc also adds the ability to machine learn across all users, improving pattern recognition and real-time suggestions.


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