EMR Integrated SaaS: Mobile & Web

We offer expertise in building web and mobile software as a service (Saas) products integrated with EMR and other enterprise systems. We have been a strategic partner to growing startups in the healthcare domain.

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Enabling healthcare service
providers to:

Remove Integration Hurdles

Integrating EMR into your healthcare software can be a daunting task. Aging infrastructure and disparate systems that operate independently often serve as major obstacles. Silstone Health is here to help you overcome these challenges. We increase your chances of integration success and data integrity by eliminating immediate system integration roadblocks, consolidating disparate systems, and rejuvenating aging infrastructure.

Build Data-Driven Connected Applications

Our expertise extends beyond integration. Silstone Health can assist you in developing connected applications that rely on data sources driven by EMR, databases, and AWS-driven data lakes. These applications are designed to streamline operations and enhance the quality of patient care.

Maintain Data Interoperability

In today's healthcare landscape, it's common for hospitals to have multiple EHR vendors in use at affiliated practices. Silstone Health specializes in maintaining semantic, structural, and foundational interoperability of data from disparate EHR systems. We achieve this through standard data sets, widespread standardization, the elimination of data silos, and the use of robust API solutions.

Implement Adaptable and Scalable Integration

With the ever-increasing volume of patient data, adaptability and scalability are becoming key differentiators in healthcare. Silstone Health's EHR integration services ensure that providers have access to up-to-date, comprehensive patient data. This empowers clinical professionals and their teams to make data-driven decisions in real-time, ultimately leading to better patient care.

Turn Data into Insights

Data is a powerful asset, and we help you leverage it to the fullest. Silstone Health accelerates the time-to-insight and facilitates better patient care by employing cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Predictive Analysis. Our solutions optimize workflows and enhance the recording of demographic information, patient vitals, chief complaint charting, evaluation, and clinical Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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Project Stories

We partner with smart people working on solving interesting problems. We interviewed a handful of our clients about their work.


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