Blockchain. A truly free Global Market Economy.

Security has always been the number one concern for everyone since the dawn of humanity. Individuals will gladly give up their basic human rights to keep themselves and their families safe. Every major invention in history, Fire, Steel, Gunpowder, Nuclear weapons and Rocket Propulsion, have been developed in the pursuit of security. Everything else that we consider useful is but an offshoot application. Following the teachings of Sun Tzu, George Washington wrote in 1799, “offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only means of defense.” This attitude has dominated decision making in the Modern World. Militaristic Superpowers spend most of their time, wealth and effort developing and stockpiling weapons of mass destruction in the hopes that the threat of retaliation will deter, any would be attacker. But the Cold War is Proof that this strategy is deeply flawed, and does not in effect make people safer.

On the most basic level the only reason war and crime exists is because of the fact that wealth in the form of gold, money or assets are physical objects that can be taken by force. Blockchain technology is going to solve this limitation.

One of the first practical application of this has been the extremely successful Bitcoin. Currently valued at all most Three Thousand Dollars per Bitcoin, it has been the fastest growing currency in history. Bitcoin uses Blockchain technology to keep an extremely secure public ledger that has the records of every transaction ever made. The Computing power required to edit this ledger is so enormous that it is physically impossible for a lone hacker or even an entire government to tamper with it. Since the ledger is publicly available, every transaction is transparent, completely eliminating fraud and corruption.

The Blockchain protects the individual.

Since the source code for Blockchain was released to the public by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamura, companies around the world have been working on ways this technology can be used. One of the most impactful of these is the Smart Contract. A Legally Binding and unchangeable contract, based on blockchain technology, will protect the individuals rights, prevent exploitation, and eliminate fraud. Ethereum is a Swiss nonprofit, backed by entrepreneurs from around the globe, looking to take the concept of a blockchain driven infrastructure to another level. They are building an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent ownership of assets, property and ideas. This enables developers to create markets, store registries of debts and promises and move funds around in accordance with the contract agreement.

Silstone Group is dedicated to embracing this revolutionary technology that will give power back to the individual, enabling and streamlining business across the globe and creating a truly free and decentralized Global Market Economy.


Triman S Bhullar

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