The issue of Net Neutrality is again gaining significance, with the consequences affecting each and everyone of us.

Net Neutrality refers to the fact that the internet is a Neutral Place. Everyone from the housewife with a cooking blog to a multi-billion dollar company like Facebook, enjoy the same rights to traffic and bandwidth. Till now it has been a level playing field, that has created more successful businesses and more millionaires than ever before in history.

But this might be about to change.

On one hand, a regulated Internet man not seem like a bad idea considering the amount of cyber crime that has been plaguing the internet for a very long time. Criminal Cells rely on the anonymity to make transactions and conduct their business. Malware/Viruses and Ransomware are rampant and hacking and phishing are real problems that need to be addressed and dealt with.

On the other hand, taking away net neutrality laws will give incredible power to ISP’s and those willing to pay extra, potentially creating Destabilizing Monopolies and possibly bringing the golden age of Startups to a screeching halt.

Silstone Group, openly supports a free and open internet, but we also understand why such actions might be necessary. Whatever the outcome, this single rule change has the potential to completely change how the internet is used, and who might be allowed to use it.


Triman S Bhullar

In every area of business, the end user is given most importance. That is because it is the end user who decides whether a product/service is useful or not. The popularity or success of any application, software or website totally depends on the end user. For this reason user interface and usability is of paramount importance. A good design should be convenient to use, easy to understand and intuitive. Developing a good design that allows its users to navigate through complex software intuitively has to be planned meticulously and is a rare skill seperate from designing, often done in partnership with psycologists and behaviorists. For Example, we have a lot of holiday planning websites and applications in the market, but I’m sure everyone has favourites, more often that not based on their design and usability. This factor greatly impacts the popularity of the site.

In the smartphone age, nobody has time for learning curves, tutorials and step by step instructions. Everyone expects good intuitive design. These are a few points that should be considered for developing a good user interface:

Silstone group understands these requirements and develops the applications/software and websites that can help you connect with your users directly.

-Monika Rajwani

Customer Relationship Management is a term that refers to all the practices used by a company to keep a track of its customer database. CRM is used to retain and improve the relations with existing customers as well as up sale the products to them through understanding their preferences, buying habits etc. CRM includes all the information related to the customer and details of transaction made with that customer in the past. From paper documents to excel sheets, CRM is now available in software that can not only provide all the data at one place but can also help in accessing it anytime anywhere. It can benefit your business in many ways. Let’s discuss the most important ways through which it can benefit and bring success to your business.


The most important and effective use of CRM is to manage customer interactions. It helps the customer service team of a company to access all the information related to a customer in just one click which helps in solving customer queries more easily, effectively and quickly. Customer satisfaction is the goal of every business and CRM helps in achieving this goal.


To plan and implement any marketing strategy, professionals need to understand the pattern of buying habits and preferences of existing customers. CRM provides all this information at one place and makes it easy to analyse for professionals. It also helps in understanding the correct target of customers for a particular type of product or campaign resulting in lesser time consumption and effective utilisation of resources.


CRM also helps the employees in day to day tasks like filling up the form, calculating instalments if required, sending reports etc. This helps the sales professionals to focus only on building customer relations and converting leads into customers. They save enough time to improve the quality of customer interactions. CRM also helps other teams of the company in understanding the correct picture of a customer’s position and analysing its effect on the company.

CRM is helpful in many ways and has become a necessity for smooth business operations and effective customer relations.

Monika Rajwani

This 21st century belongs to the internet and mobility. Learning is one of the most important parts of life. Of course, it requires a lot of time and money. Since, ancient times we have had schools and institutions for learning and the rich few have had the privileged of access to these. The information revolution is making everything easy to access and the way people learn new skills has been impacted the most by this change. Technology does not have any preference of schools, type of students, social status etc.  Students or anyone who wants to learn can access videos, study material and can even participate in real time video conferences with experts or teachers all over the world.

The institution of education is changing dramatically fueled by web and mobile technologies. Artificial Intelligence is going to take this even further. Imagine how convenient it will become when a student will have an instructor available anytime he/she feels like. It reminds me of the time when students who were below average had to spend extra time at schools along with the teachers to improve their results. This is not required in this era of Artificial Intelligence which will help the below average students to understand their weaknesses and provide instructions based on these weaknesses to improve their performances. And digital learning is not just limited to students and educational aspect, one can learn anything anytime on internet be it playing a musical instrument, a dance form, a good dish, a language, anything. It is the time to adapt to new technologies to be an active part of this ever changing world and digital learning provides us a platform to learn new skills and update ourselves with the changes that are being offered all around the world.

Silstone group has created one such form of digital learning application for Ottawa Hospital where junior doctors get their work reviewed by senior doctors through videos and live chats. To more about it please visit our website

Monika Rajwani