Flying cars are not a new concept. There are many products already in the market that are looking to solve the personal air transport dream. The Icon amphibious aircraft is a popular and successful two seat personal flying solution, but it is more aircraft than car. On the other hand there are some true aircraft car hybrids like the AeroMobil Roadster and the Gyro-copter based Pal-V.

Whatever the approach, one thing is for certain. You will need to learn how to fly and get a pilots license to operate any of these vehicles. This fact may be the single most limiting factor that will prevent mainstream adoption of these vehicles. Even with safety standards being enforced and backups designed to cope with system and engine failures, minimizing the Human Error factor is the most difficult problem, and it can not be solved using traditional design solutions.

Fly by wire is not a new concept. All high performance military aircraft have been using Fly By Wire since the 70’s. The famous F-16 is one of the first aircraft to use this technology to great effect. These aircraft are designed to be aerodynamically unstable, and virtually impossible to fly manually. The pilots inputs are reinterpreted by a computer program and appropriate commands are given to the flight surfaces to do what is desired by the pilot. This approach results in Super-maneuverability and Supersonic control that was not possible using traditional methods.

Recent Developments in artificial intelligence has taken this one step further. Quad copter drones are everywhere now. They are being used with great effect in Surveillance and Film Making. Dji’s most popular Phantom Drone can be flown in winds of 57kph and still maintain stability enough to take smooth stutter free videos. They effectively fly themselves.

The Chinese Company E-Hang is looking to implement a similar Drone design for their personal air transport solution in Dubai. It is an electric Quad-copter that can be told where to go and it will take off and fly you to your destination without the passenger making a single flight input. In fact if you look in the cockpit, there are no flight controls at all. Just a large LCD touch screen where you can set your destination.

E-Hang’s solution is proving to be the most promising since it completely removes the human error element and is the direction that needs to be taken for mainstream adoption of flying cars and flying taxi services in the future.


Triman S Bhullar

The only constant is change. Today, this statement has never been more true. Till recently if someone told you that they have 10 years experience in a field, it meant that they were experts in that field, but now, it simply means that they are “EXPERTS OF THE PAST”.

It took Facebook four years to get 1 Million users, the same took What’s App four weeks and the same took Angry Birds four days. This exponential increase in the rate of change in our world has been catalyzed by Web and Mobile Technologies.

Uber is considered to be the biggest Taxi Service in the world, yet they don’t own a single car. Airbnb is considered to be the biggest Tourism Service, yet they do not own a single property. Both these companies have small teams, yet they have completely taken over the market share of businesses that have held monopolies in these industries for decades.

Established businesses need to take technology disruption very seriously, or risk becoming obsolete. There will be 4 Billion Mobile devices in the world by 2020, which means that there are 4 Billion potential customers that can be reached directly, through web and mobile based apps and services. We need to seriously consider how to integrate this fast growing and disruptive technology into our established business to our advantage before someone else does.

To Quote Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos when he was asked what he thought about competition from the industry giants, he said ” I’m more worried about the two guys sitting in their parents garage”.

Silstone Group is working tirelessly to help protect currently successful businesses from becoming obsolete in the future. We offer complete solutions implementing Web, Mobile technologies and AI to ensure our clients stay relevant and competitive in today’s ever changing environment.


-Triman S Bhullar

Humans have always used tools to amplify their abilities. Besides the obvious fire and Stone tools, language is the probably the most important, allowing us to create complex thoughts and share them, collectively raising the knowledge and experience of the whole species. The next evolution of language is Mathematics. It is the method we use to take those complex thoughts and apply logic to them, to effectively, predict the future. Mathematics is the basis for all our technological achievements throughout history, leading us through the Industrial Revolution and beyond, changing how we live our lives completely. What the Industrial Revolution did to human strength, the more recent development of the Microprocessor has done to human thought. The Internet  has completely changed our lives, affecting each and every one of us, connecting us in ways that were never possible before, facilitating information exchange on a global scale and raising our collective consciousness to the next evolutionary level, making it a revolution as important as language itself.

But, till recently Computers have been limited by the instructions given to it by its human operators, who sometimes have to write millions of lines of code requiring hundreds of thousands of man hours of coding, to get the results they want. This is now a major limitation owing to the sheer size of the inputs required, which is soon going to become a physical impossibility as requirements become more and more complex.

Enter Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This new tool in our arsenal is going to be the next great revolution. Simulated neural nets can learn how to do things by experience and get better at the jobs they were designed to do over time. This is similar to how Humans develop skills through experience and practice. Effectively, the program writes itself. IBM’s Watson is one such neural net, built to take decision making to another level. It has the capability to analyze information written in human languages in the form of documents, ledgers, or even use information from the entire internet and come to conclusions, similar to how a human would, and then present that information in the form of answers to questions. This ability of computers to understand language and form an opinion is going to revolutionize how we interact with information. Several jobs that involved studying thousands of documents like in the legal, medical, safety, insurance, business, banking and political sectors will now take a few seconds instead of a few months. The implications are profound.

In 2013 IBM announced that they will be providing Watson’s services on the cloud to software developers for integration into their software and applications. This is becoming a reality sooner than anyone expected and the next app you use on your phone just might be powered by Watson.

Silstone Group Inc. is dedicated to discover the potential of these technologies, and help integrate IBM’s Watson into the app’s and software solutions we develop for our customers and their businesses.


-Triman S Bhullar


Enterprise Resource Planning is not a new concept. It has been streamlining business, retail and manufacturing since the nineties. It allows for a streamlined information link between Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, requisitions and accounting. The German company SAP is taking this concept to another level and the technology promises to revolutionize how resources are managed within an enterprise. It all revolves around a central database that allows information sharing between the different departments. As the situation changes for a particular department within an enterprise, the information is updated on the central server in real time, each other department then gets the real time updates and can adapt to the changing situation without wasting time and resources.  This approach greatly speeds up and streamlines processes and prevents wasted resources. This system is being adopted widely on a multinational scale by manufacturers and retailers and is helping in maximizing profits.

Silstone Group inc. is on the forefront of helping businesses adopt these cutting edge practices that take full advantage of the technology of the time to maximize productivity and ultimately increase profits.


-Triman S Bhullar