The international law firm, Locke Lord LLP, in America has earned a great reputation in litigation. The firm has been featured as one of the top law firms in America by The American Lawyer’s top U.S. law firms. Locke Lord has been dealing with all kinds of business without discrimination, from Fortune 500 and middle market public and private companies to start-ups and emerging businesses. With their highly reputable global image, Locke Lord has received numerous industry awards as a global leader in the middle market sector.

The Locke Lord App. is a stepping stone in the direction of innovation through technology for the law firm. Available for iOS, it allows users to view bio’s, directly call or e-mail solicitors, keep track of the status of their cases and subscribe to the firm’s RSS feeds. The improvement in the customer experience is tremendous with the added benefit of streamlining and saving time.

The Silstone Group Inc. is currently working with an International Law Firm, helping them incorporate similar mobile technologies into their day to day processes to help streamline their Employee and Customer Management.


-Triman S Bhullar

The idea of generating revenue through mobile app’s may sound futuristic, however the Food industry is currently experiencing a boom facilitated by this emerging technology as a very effective customer interface, reservation and ordering tool. By incorporating features such as Location Services, In-App Payments, Geo-targeted Notifications and integration with Social Networking, Restaurants, Takeouts and Delivery services are finding it easier than ever to interact with their customers, offer deals and discounts, manage employees and use analytics to maximize their business potential and customer reach.


-Triman S Bhullar


Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa are some of the more popular AI assistants that you can use today. While they are not going to replace your secretary anytime soon, it seems to be the ultimate purpose for these applications. The current common features include voice recognition, help and assistance using the particular operating system,  local file searches, playing media, carrying out web searches to answer queries, scheduling events/ meetings/calls, setting reminders etc. These rudimentary AI systems are expected to evolve into more involved personal assistants managing your work and your life for you, leaving you to concentrate on the things that really matter.

Even though Microsoft’s TAY AI Chatbot was a bit of a disaster on twitter, the experiment has proved that in the near future Artificial Intelligence Driven Personal assistants will be able to talk like humans, take calls, perform customer interaction and customer support, all on their own.


-Triman S Bhullar


Berwin Leighton Paisner, London based international law firm will not make a statement about how much money they have saved implementing RAVN System’s Applied Cognitive Engine (ACE) in late 2015, but they will say that the months it used to take them to read, sort out and analyze the hundreds of documents required to conduct their business, requiring them to form large teams of unlucky trainees and sometimes requiring them to temporarily hire extra personnel, now takes just a few seconds to carry out. RAVN System’s ACE uses Artificial Intelligence to Read, Analyze, Interpret and Summarize key information from documents and unstructured data. The service can be either carried out on the cloud or locally and once all the documents have been uploaded the users can simply ask RAVN ACE questions like in a search engine or get summaries of the relevant parts. This greatly reduces fatigue, prevents human error and leaves the analysts free to interpret the data with greater efficiency,  reducing costs and time exponentially.


-Triman S Bhullar

While She’s not going to pass a Turing Test anytime soon, HDFC Bank’s AI driven chat bot seems to offer a glimpse of the future for AI driven customer service and interaction. Still in the rudimentary stages, Eva is capable of answering queries and directing customers to the appropriate services. Eva is capable of learning from her interactions with customers and the service is expected to improve over time. HDFC Bank has announced that in the near future Eva will be capable of handling Real Bank Transactions and provide the customers with a Human like personalized banking experience.

We are looking forward to help our customers integrate these new technologies into their businesses to help streamline their services while reducing costs.


-Triman S Bhullar

Spark Cognition is an award winning Machine Learning/AI driven Cognitive Analytics Company. It is the brainchild of Inventor and Entrepeneur CEO Amir Husain. The company was launched in April 2014 and won the “Most Innovative Application of 2014” at the Global InnovateApp 2014 Competition.

Using their wide spectrum of expertise including linguistics, psychology and neuroscience coupled with computer science they have developed the technology to solve problems in a way that has not been possible before. Spark Cognition’s AI system can interact with data from the internet, cloud, personal databases etc. and analyse it like one of the smartest human beings would, except it’s lightening fast, can run for 24hours and never gets fatigued.

The London Stock Exchange has recently aquired their services for use in analysing their Procedures and practices for detecting market manipulation and to alert analysts about prospective misuse which will help greatly in maintaining stock holder trust and protect their customers investments.

Spark Predict is another of Spark Cognition’s products that uses the data analysis technology to analyse inputs from sensors in machinery and predict failures and informs operators of sub optimal performance long before it occurs. This technology used in the transportation and aerospace industry has the potential to prevent billions of dollars of damage by preventing disasters before they happen.

We here at Silstone Group are closely following these groundbreaking innovations to help our customers get the best out of their businesses.


-Triman S Bhullar